Increasing support for the best and brightest

Waterloo Engineering is the choice for graduates to continue their education and research. Waterloo Engineering has graduated more PhDs in the last five years than any other engineering faculty in Canada. It’s imperative that Waterloo Engineering continues to be a sought-after Faculty for graduate students – including students pursuing graduate studies at our renowned School of Architecture. The funds raised in our Educating the Engineer of the Future campaign for Graduate Scholarships allows us to:

  • Offer larger scholarship amounts to attract high-quality students
  • Ensure we continue to lead in research. Graduate students are essential to engineering and architectural research – attracting the very best through enhanced scholarships is a proven method of helping to ensure research excellence.

Without highly specialized engineers, Canada can kiss innovation goodbye…

For more insight on the need for specialized engineering research,  read the Report on Business article Without highly specialized engineers, Canada can kiss innovation goodbye by Bruce Hellinga, a professor in the department of civil and environmental engineering and the associate dean of graduate studies and international agreements at the University of Waterloo.