Our goal was to raise $70 million

By October 29, 2018 we had surpassed that by 42%

Together, we raised $100 million

Our goal was to raise $70 million to expand educational opportunities, open up new avenues of research, create innovation that helps drive the economic engine of Canada and help to shape the future of technology. Waterloo Engineering understands that the future is in our hands, and we are continuing in our leadership role in education and research through our Educating the Engineer of the Future vision.

On October 29, 2018, we celebrated the successful close of our fundraising campaign as well as the official opening of Engineering 7. At that time we revealed the identity of our transformational “anonymous” donor – Chamath Palihapitiya, BASc ’99.  An electrical engineering alumnus, Palihapitiya is the founder and CEO of Social Capital, a Silicon Valley company that specializes in technology startups, providing seed funding, venture capital, and private equity. He is also a regular visitor to Waterloo Engineering, where he also founded the Palihapitiya Venture Creation Fund for engineering students.

Here Chamath shares his thoughts on our Educating the Engineer of the Future vision and his participation.

Together, we did it.


We Built Engineering 7 (E7)

We built a 242,000 gross-square-foot, seven-storey building for students, faculty, research facilities and support staff. With unique space for our Engineering Ideas Clinic, the Robohub, and room for our new (2014) biomedical engineering undergraduate program, as well as the expansion of mechatronics engineering.
Goal: $45 million
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Haptic suit capstone project 2015

We enhanced and expanded student experience

Together, we continue to help our students fulfill their aspirations and reach their potential by funding initiatives like the Engineer of the Future Endowment or Capstone Design projects, by supporting our student design teams, and by providing much-needed scholarships to reward the incredible efforts of our talented undergrads.
Goal: $11.5 million
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anechoic chamber

Established chairs in emerging technologies

We added new research groups led by distinguished Chairs, which allows Waterloo Engineering to continue to focus on specific emerging and disruptive technologies:
– Connecting the digital universe
– Machine intelligence & manufacturing
– Powering economies
– Advancing the human condition through the use of innovative technology
Goal $10 million
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graduate scholarships available for research

Increased graduate scholarships

We continue to ensure Waterloo Engineering is attracting the best and brightest engineering minds. We increased the number of graduate scholarships offered to ensure we continue to lead in research.
Goal: $3.5 million
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The future is in our hands

Since 1957, innovation has been a hallmark of Waterloo Engineering. We’ve transformed how engineers learn. Our engineers learn to tackle the truly difficult problems because Waterloo Engineering delivers education in a unique way, creating an environment that allows students to reach their fullest potential and live their aspirations. With our world-leading research institutes and centres—many deeply involved in emerging and disruptive technologies—Waterloo Engineers are having a profound impact on the future of technology around the world.

As Waterloo Engineering enters its next half-century, we are again undertaking a transformation of engineering education and research. We are leveraging our remarkable success and helping to propel Canadian engineering education and research to even higher levels. Technological innovation, the hallmark of engineering, is key to the economic growth of Canada. These next few years will see monumental shifts in how technology impacts our nation and the rest of humanity. It is Waterloo Engineering’s responsibility to prepare engineers for the 21st century.