Artist's rendering of Engineering 7 building
This is the new Engineering 7 building. It's 7 stories and 242,000 gross square feet. Groundbreaking was November 12, 2015 with a September 2018 completion.
location map of Engineering 7 building in East Campus
It will be located adjacent and connected via pedestrian bridges to Engineering 5.
renderings of engineering 7 from different angles
It will become home to remarkable students, researchers and faculty.
Artist's rendering of Atrium between E7 and E5
An Atrium soaring between E7 and E5 is an inspiring space for collaboration, studying and student gatherings. There is dedicated student space in this spacious Atrium.
first floor map
The first floor is home to the Engineering Ideas Clinic, RoboHub, Student Workshop and Machine Shop, Electronic Components Shop, Outreach and student space.
Engineering Ideas Clinic
Home to the revolutionary Engineering Ideas Clinic™, it’s here where students experience structured idea creation and the design, build, test and iteration processes that connect the physical, analytical and digital worlds.
Artist's rendering of the Engineering Ideas Clinic
Students will be able to test their theories and fulfill their aspirations.
Student workshop, machine shop and electronic components shop
The machine shop, student workshop and electronic components shop will give students the tools and space to literally build their ideas.
High school students working on electronics
Also on the first floor will be the new home to Waterloo Engineering outreach including camps, high school leadership programs and Women in Engineering initiatives.
miniature flying drone in the Aerial flight centre
The RoboHub is a revolutionary robotics test facility that’s a state-of-the art showcase for humanoid, aerial, ground and maglev robot technologies. The RoboHub will be a vital catalyst for research and innovation, bridging the laboratory and the real world and turning the world of science fiction into engineering fact.
second floor layout
Engineering 7 Second Floor features the Conrad Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology Centre, Engineering Ideas Clinic, RoboHub, Event Space and the Pitch Area.
Artist's rendering of set up for dinner event
From the prestigious student Capstone Design events that attract thousands of attendees to our many industry partner events, this space will see a lot of action and interaction!
Artist render of active lab in the Engineering Ideas Clinic
The Engineering Ideas Clinic space also occupies part of the second floor. Hands-on learning is essential to an engineering education.
Consultant working with students
The entrepreneurial ecosystem at Waterloo Engineering is strengthened by having the Conrad Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology Centre on the second floor.
artist's rendering of a presentation on a stage in the pitch area
Entrepreneurial DNA? Adjoining the Atrium space in Engineering 7 will be a Pitch Area, the perfect stage for students to unveil design projects and pitch business ideas to potential funders and industry partners.
third floor layout
The first degree of its kind in Canada, Mechatronics is our model of integrative learning. Its success means we are dramatically expanding the program. The third floor also contains an additive manufacturing (3D printing) facility, research labs, student garages (for project builds) graduate student and faculty offices plus two grand lecture halls.
researcher holding 3D printed joint replacement
Additive manufacturing (3D printing) is changing how the world manufactures - from concept to commercialization, this technology is an area Waterloo Engineering researchers excel in.
student and professor working in electrical and computing lab
Emerging and disruptive technologies are advances that will transform life, business and the global economy. The renowned Electrical and Computer Engineering program located on these two floors will heavily influence Canada's success in shaping the future of technology.
floor plan showing the location of 9 garages
The garages are where the ideas become reality as the students build their projects in these fully equipped spaces. On the 4th and 5th floors, you will find our Electrical and Computer Engineering department.
floor plan showing the location of research labs
Renowned for its information communications technology expertise, Waterloo Engineering is an important partner in Canada's quest for innovation excellence. E7 will provide for more student space and more research facilities.
woman scientist in biomedical lab
Systems Design Engineering includes Biomedical Engineering, which is Waterloo Engineering's newest program (launched 2014).
6th floor layout
The sixth floor features research labs, more garages, meeting spaces as well as graduate student and faculty offices.
7th floor layout
Graduate Studies, Engineering Research and Waterloo Engineering's International office are located on the 7th floor along with administrative support and faculty hall.
engineering logo and university waterloo logo
Waterloo Engineering is Educating the Engineer of the Future.
artist's rendering of E7 building

Remarkable people achieving extraordinary things inside E7

Inside this building, we will Educate the Engineer of the Future. For 24 years straight, Maclean’s magazine has ranked the University of Waterloo as Canada’s most innovative university. Engineering 7 will provide much-needed physical space for further innovations and enrolment growth in Mechatronics Engineering and our new Biomedical Engineering program. This building, and all that is in it, will ensure our continued educational leadership while we uniquely prepare students to tackle the truly difficult problems facing our world.

Undergraduate growth

Engineering 7 will allow us to meet the demands of enrolment growth – both our Mechatronics Engineering and new Biomedical Engineering programs are rapidly expanding and we are increasing our undergraduate enrolment overall by an additional 1,500 students – 80% of which will come from Ontario. By responding to the increasing demands from Ontario students for our programs, we are helping to ensure the economic and innovation future of Canada is secure.

Once here, we will offer opportunities for all students to experience early, for researchers to innovate early and for entrepreneurial engineers to incubate early.

Graduate student growth

With E7 the enrolment growth will continue beyond undergraduates to the graduate student level. With Engineering 7’s world-class facilities, we will attract top students from Canada and around the world to our graduate programs where they will be able to develop and test their ideas and undertake discovery in emerging and disruptive technologies.  The construction of E7 will give us the opportunity to expand our graduate student enrolment from its current 1,900 to 2,400 students. As part of our Educating the Engineer of the Future campaign, one of our goals is to enhance graduate scholarships to ensure the best and the brightest achieve their fullest potential while at Waterloo Engineering.

Research  Chairs

Within E7, we will also strengthen our research capacities in emerging and disruptive technologies. Our campaign supports the expansion of Research Chairs in these fields.

To do all this, we need Engineering 7. It’s more than a building, E7 will be the cornerstone of the Waterloo Engineering experience.