In 2014, Waterloo Engineering launched its Educating the Engineer of the Future campaign with four goals in mind: To dramatically enhance student experiences; create graduate scholarships; establish research chairs in emerging technologies; and construct Engineering 7 (E7), a seven-storey, 230,000 sq. ft. building incorporating the expansion of our mechatronics engineering program and recently launched biomedical engineering – programs that are in very high demand. The campaign wsa expected to raise $70 million by the end of 2018.  By October 29, 2018 the campaign closed with $100 million raised. Together, we did it.

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Educating the Engineer of the Future campaign

As Waterloo Engineering enters its next half-century, we are again undertaking a transformation of engineering education and research. These next 5, 10, 15  – even 50 years  – will see monumental shifts in how emerging and disruptive technologies impact humanity.  Waterloo Engineering understands that the future is in our hands.

E7 Building Tour

For 26  years straight, Maclean’s magazine has ranked the University of Waterloo as Canada’s most innovative university. Engineering 7 is the physical space where much of this innovation this will happen — this building and all that it is in it will ensure our educational leadership continues to uniquely prepare students to tackle the truly difficult problems facing our world.

Engineering Ideas Clinic

Waterloo Engineering is delivering real-world engineering experiences into the classroom through our new Engineering Ideas Clinic™. What makes the Engineering Ideas Clinic invaluable and transformative is that it directly addresses the needs of today’s generation of engineering students.


Waterloo Engineering Outreach

Waterloo’s Engineering Outreach is one of Canada’s largest and most successful outreach programs. It has reached thousands of students through its unique hands-on engineering activities and events.

Research: Emerging & Disruptive Technologies

Emerging and disruptive technologies will transform life, business and the global economy.  Waterloo Engineering has over 85 research chairs and rising stars who are developing solutions to address some of the most pressing global challenges of our time. Our goal with  Educating the Engineer of the Future is to attract the brightest minds with the same sense of purpose as Waterloo.

Ways to Give

There are many ways to give to Waterloo Engineering’s Educating the Engineer of the Future campaign, including becoming a 1-1-1 Pledge member.